I just put the latest version of the MVVM helpers online - MVVMHelpers.

There’s a bunch of new stuff in it - check the release notes for the highlights. There’s a set of breaking changes in it as well, specifically I’ve moved several of the attached behaviors into the new Blend model. Originally in my local version I did it to the JulMar.Wpf.Helpers.dll and got a dependency against System.Windows.Interactivity.dll.

I decided that for this release I didn’t want to force that dependency so I created a secondary assembly JulMar.Wpf.Behaviors.dll which has all those behaviors in it. The breaking change is I removed the original attached behaviors from the library (DoubleClickBehavior, NumericTextBehavior, MouseDragBehavior) in favor of using these new versions. I did update the sample to show how they get used.

In a recent Essential WPF class, one of the students wanted an ObservableDictionary which we whipped up there - I cleaned up that implementation somewhat and added it into this library along with some unit tests for it.

Again, please check the readme included in the .zip file – as always you are free to do whatever you like with this code. If you do anything interesting or fun, let me know!